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I have taken myself on an educational adventure to Europe and as such, EBM will be closed until Jan 2018.
I look forward to seeing all of you again in the new year to show off my new bodywork skills! 
Details of reopening will be updated here and also on the clinic  facebook page
Take care of each other and yourselves, keep stretching and enjoy the summer!

At times Every Body hurts, aches, cracks, crunches, ouches, gets heavy, freezes up, tires out, needs a
bit of love, needs to just stop for a minute. 

That's where I come in.

 Whether you have ongoing musculoskeletal issues that you need to work on or you just need a quiet nurturing space to relax, Every Body Massage seeks to foster a partnership of care between you and your therapist. You tell me what's up with your body and we can work towards balance together.

Every Body Massage Clinic is a non-judgemental, body positive, intersex, queer and trans friendly space.
Remedial and/or relaxation massage available. Marrickville based. 

Every Body is very welcome. 


Remedial Massage                                                hour $80                  90 min  $120
Relaxation Massage                                              hour $80                  90 min  $120
Hot Stone Relaxation Massage                           hour $90                  90 min  $130
Cool Stone Relaxation Massage                          hour $90                  90 min  $130

Sliding scale rates available 

ACCESSIBILITY: While this space aims to be as accessible as possible, we are located on the first floor and entry requires walking up a flight of stairs. Currently our massage tables can accomodate a working weight of 250kg (working weight refers to the weight of the client and the weight applied by the therapist during remedial treatments). Please let me know if you have any allergies in advance. 

remedial massage in marrickville

About Me

My name is Kira Magee and I am a Marrickville local. I completed a Bachelor of Medical Science at UWS in 2012 and, upon realising I am not made to sit in a dark lab for days on end, embarked on my remedial massage journey in 2016. 

I have a background in social organising, specifically with queer and marginalised youth. I am a nerd for all aspects of human phsysiology and science in general and use an evidence based approach for my treatment plans. 

Wellbeing (personal and collective) and our capactity to heal each other is something that lives very close to my heart. My main aim is to create a space where anyone can enter and feel welcomed, respected and empowered to direct their own treatment. 

For me, accessible holistic health care is where its at - the body as a whole. I provide massage and a friendly face, but as we progress through your treatment if it seems like you need something else, I am enthusiastic about referring you on to make sure you get the most efficient and well rounded care. 

Basically I am here to offer the tools and a skillset to get you balanced, lets work together to put it into action. 

phone: 0414169102
7/324 Marrickville rd, Marrickville

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remedial massage in marrickville
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